House Bill 2468

McCormick Farm, Silver Spring Township. The property dates back to the late 1740s when Scots Irish immigrant, Thomas McCormick settled here with his family. It is the first home of the McCormick family dynasty. The property remained in the McCormick family until the late 1980s.

Protected Conserved Land from being Seized by Eminent Domain

An Act amending Title 26 (Eminent Domain) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in limitations on use of eminent domain, further providing for definitions and providing for eminent domain of land subject to a conservation easement.

House Bill 2468 Details

The preserved historic McCormick farm was at risk of being forever lost.  Cumberland Valley School District planned to use the land for a new middle school and athletic fields.

Fortunately, the PA Legislature saw the importance of land preservation and conservation and passed the Bill. This Bill will help protect properties like the McCormick farm by requiring a higher level of court approval before land protected with a conservation easement can be taken via eminent domain.